One recording of
The Westmeath Hunt
The Humours Of Castlefin

The Westmeath Hunt (reel) is also known as Blodgett’s, The Clogher, Jackson’s, Jackson’s No. 2, Jim McCormack’s, Jim McCormick’s, Jim McCormicks, Miss Daly’s, Sheridan’s.

The Humours Of Castlefin (reel) is also known as An Gliondar Ċaisleán Na Finne, Egan’s, The Humors Of Castlefin, The Humours Of Castlefinn.

Star of the North by Ian McKenna, Joe De Georgeo and Brian Miller

  1. Humors Of Castlefin
  2. Sheridan’s
  3. The Pinch Of Snuff