One recording of
The Westmeath Hunt
The One-Horned Sheep

The Westmeath Hunt (reel) is also known as Blodgett’s, The Clogher, Jackson’s, Jackson’s No. 2, Jim McCormack’s, Jim McCormick’s, Jim McCormicks, Miss Daly’s, Sheridan’s.

The One-Horned Sheep (jig) is also known as An Sean Caor-Adrcac, The Boss, The Dog’s Tail, The Humours Of Donnybrook, Old Horned Sheep, The Old Horned Sheep, The Old Horny Sheep, The One Horned Sheep, Pet In The Kitchen, The Pet In The Kitchen, Red Stockings, Sorry To Part.

Chapter 8 by The Kilfenora Céilí Band

  1. One-Horned Sheep
  2. The Clogher