The Potlick reel

Also known as Saint Kevin Of Glendalough.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Potlick
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DGGA BGAF|DGGA BGAF|DGGA B3c|1 defd cAFD:|2 defd cAFA||
|:g3b agfg|abag fefg|abag faeA|dfde fdcA:|
|:d2dc B2B2|dedG cAA2|d2dc B4|defd cAFA:|
|:G3B A3c|B3B cAFA|G2GB A2Bc|1 defd cAFA:|2 defd cAFA||

Five comments

Source: The Russell Family Of Doolin, County Clare
Transcription: g.m.p.

It is similar to “kiss the maid behind the barrell”.

Song, not reel

I think there’s a mistake here, Gian Marco. I agree that the tune you’ve posted does indeed look like a version of “Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel”. I used to have an original LP recording of “The Russell Family Of Doolin”. I no longer have it, but I am fairly certain that this particular reel was not on that original recording. What I am 100% certain about though, is that “St. Kevin of Glendalough” was a song, and not a tune. I could even sing you a verse of it! Which recording of Miko does this come from? If it came from a re-issue, or compilation, then someone
( yet again ) has been careless with listing the tracks.

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there was a mistake, sorry.

I’d say it’s as much like Kiss The Maid as it is like Trim the Velvet.