One recording of a tune named
My Kindly Sweetheart
With a tune named
Scarce O’ Tatties

My Kindly Sweetheart (reel) is also known as The Gentle Milkmaid, Mo Chuachag ‘s Laghach Thu, Mo Chuachag Laghach, My Beloved You Are So Nice, My Gentle Milkmaid.

Scarce O’ Tatties (jig) is also known as A Scarce O’Tatties, Cion A’Bhuntata, Scarce O’ Tatties, Scarce O’Tatties, Scarce Of Tatties.

No Afore Time by Hom Bru

  1. Scarce O’ Tatties
  2. Angus McKinnon
  3. My Kindly Sweetheart
  4. Jock Wilson’s Ball