Two recordings of a tune named
The Dingle Regatta
With a tune named
The Glentaun

The Dingle Regatta (slide) is also known as Garcon Volage, Slattery’s Grove.

The Glentaun (reel) is also known as Geoghan’s, The Glauntane, Gleanntán, The Gleanntán, Glentown, The Glentown, The Glountane, O’Keeffe’s Dream.

Ceolta Seisiún Na HÉireann / Irish Session Tunes: The Red Book by Matt Cranitch And Friends

  1. The Dingle Regatta
  2. The Gleanntán

Take A Bow by Matt Cranitch

  1. The Cuil Aodha
  2. The Dingle Regatta
  3. The Glountane