Two recordings of
Charlie Mulvihill’s
Down The Broom

Charlie Mulvihill’s (reel) is also known as Charlie Mulvihill’s #1, Charlie Mulvihill’s #2, Charlie Mulvihill’s No. 1, Charlie Mulvihill’s No. 2, Muckross Abbey, Mulvahill’s, Mulvihill’s, O’Brien’s, O’Briens, Paddy Murphy’s Wife, Ríl Uí Mhurchú, Sonny McDonagh’s.

Down The Broom (reel) is also known as The Broomstick, Down The Brooms, Down Through The Broom, Follow Me Down To Galway, Leag Uait An Scuab, P. Flanagan’s, Peter Flanagan’s.

Kitty From Ballinamore by Ash Plant

  1. O’Brien’s
  2. Down The Broom
  3. The Gatehouse Maid

On The Fly by Patrick Street

  1. Down The Broom
  2. The Gatehouse Maid
  3. Mulvihill’s