Two recordings of
The Stack Of Rye
The Stack Of Barley

The Stack Of Rye (hornpipe) is also known as Junior Crehan’s.

The Stack Of Barley (hornpipe) is also known as An Staicín Eorna, An Staicin Eornan, Devil In The Garden, Evening Was Waning, Little Mary Cassidy, Little Stack Of Barley, The Little Stack Of Barley, Stack Of Barley Selection, The Stack, Stacks O’ Barley, Stacks O’Barley, Stacks Of Barley, The Stacks Of Barley, Staicín Eorna.

An Bhábóg sa Bhádóg by Kevin Crehan

  1. The Stack Of Rye
  2. The Stack Of Oats
  3. The Stack Of Wheat
  4. The Stack Of Barley

Note for Note by Mary Mac Namara

  1. The Stack Of Rye
  2. An Stáicín Eórnan