Thirty-two recordings of Shoe The Donkey

Also known as Clap Your Leg Up, Cock Your Leg Up, Come To Bed Love, Father Halpin, Father Halpin’s Top Coat, Father Halpin’s Topcoat, Father Murphy, Father Murphy’s Top Coat, Father Murphy’s Topcoat, Have You Seen My New Clothes?, Have You Seen My New Shoes, Is The Hen Gone, Jan Pierewiet, Jimmy Donkey’s Big Toe, Joe The Yankee, Joe The Yankee’s Big Toe, Kick A Dutchman, Kiss The Donkey, La-Va (La Varsovienne), Little Foot, Little Johnny Has The Toothache, The Old Shoes, Pat’s Top Coat, Peter Big Toe, Put Your Little Foot Right Here, Put Your Little Foot Right Out, Put Your Little Toe, Reversavianna, Shave The Donkey, Shew The Donkey, Shoo The Donkey, Shoot The Donkey, Shoot The Honky, Silver Lakes Varsovianna, The Silver Lakes Varsovianna, Silver Lakes Varsovienne, The Silver Lakes Varsovienne, There’s A Hen Gone, There’s A Hen Gone From Jones, Throw Your Leg Up, The Vals O’ Vienna, Vals Of Vienna, The Vals Of Vienna, Valse De Vienne, Valse Of Vienna, Varsouviana, The Varsouviana, Varsouvienna, Varsouvienne, Varsoviana, Varsoviana Waltz, The Varsoviana, Varsovianna, Varsovienne, Versavienna, The Versavienna, Verse Of Vienna, Versevanna, Versevianna, The Versouviana Dance, Waltz Of Vienna, The Waltz Of Vienna, Warsoviana, Warszawianka.

This tune has been recorded together with Sonny’s (lots of times), Tommy Peoples’ (a few times), The Irish, Jennie’s Frolics, John Doherty’s, The Keel Row, Pull Down The Blind, Sonny Brogan’s, The Star Of Munster.

  1. All That Glitters by Belfast Andi
  2. All That Glitters by Belfast Andi
  3. An Irish Dance Party by Jackie Roche And His Irish Dance Band
  4. C’hoazh by Avel Dro
  5. Classic Recordings Of Irish Traditional Music by Hugh Gillespie
  6. Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band by Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band
  7. Dance Music Of Ireland by Jerry O’Brien, Joe Derrane And The Irish All Stars
  8. Dancing Days Are Here Again by The Albion Dance Band
  9. Farewell To Ireland CD 2 (Of A Box Set Of 4) by Various Artists
  10. Farewell To Lissycasey: The Traditional Music Of County Clare by Various Artists
  11. Foinn Seisiun 1 by Ceoltóirí Cultúrlainne
  12. Folktrax-077: The Jolly Tinker - Michael Gorman, Irish Fiddler by Michael Gorman
  13. Folktrax-121: A North Country Barn Dance by The Northumbrian Barnstormers
  14. Folktrax-173: Willie Clancy And Bobby Casey by Willie Clancy And Bobby Casey
  15. Good Humour For The Rest Of The Night by Various Artists
  16. I’m Leaving Tipperary by Various Artists
  17. Irish Accordion Masters by Joe Derrane And Jerry O’Brien
  18. Irish Piano Magic by J.J. Sheridan
  19. Irish Traditional Fiddle Music from the Heart of Fingal by Brendan P. Lynch
  20. Jack In The Box Irish Session by Tionol
  21. Legends Of Tara by Various Artists
  22. Lift by Turlach Boylan
  23. Melodic Journeys by James Kelly
  24. Round The House And Mind The Dresser: Irish Country House Dance Music by Various Artists
  25. The Ballydesmond Polka by Dan Herlihy And John Drew
  26. The Croppy’s Complaint: Music And Songs Of 1798 by Various Artists
  27. The Master’s Choice by Bobby Gardiner
  28. The Old Wheel Of Fortune by Fidil
  29. The Sligo Champion (CD 1 of 2) by Michael Gorman
  30. Trip Over The Mountain by Watkin Lees
  31. Where Old Ghosts Meet by Aidan Crossey
  32. Young Irish Musicians Weekend Vol. 1 by James Kelly, Paddy O’Brien, Tommy Martin, Daithi Sproule, Fintan Vallely