Two recordings of
Johnny Cope
The Atholl Highlanders

Johnny Cope (polka) is also known as Hey Johnnie Cope, Hey Johnny Cope, Hey, Johnny Cope, Hey, Johnny Cope!, Hey, Johnny Cope! - The March, Johnnie Cope, Johnny Cope’s, Jonny Cope.

The Atholl Highlanders (jig) is also known as Athol Highlander, The Athol Highlanders, The Athol’s Highlander’s March, The Athole Highlanders, The Atholl Highlanders March, The Atholl Highlanders’ March, The Athyll Highlander, Duke Of Atholl’s March, The Duke Of Atholl’s March, Lord Athlone’s March.

Tannahill Weavers IV by The Tannahill Weavers

  1. Johnnie Cope
  2. The Atholl Highlanders

The Best Of ... by The Tannahill Weavers

  1. The Atholl Highlanders’ March
  2. Johnnie Cope
  3. The Atholl Highlanders’ March