One recording of
Will You Come Down To Limerick
Hughie Travers’

Will You Come Down To Limerick (slip jig) is also known as Follow Me Down To Limerick, Jimmy Powers’ Favourite, Kitty Come Down From Limerick, Kitty Come Down To Limerick, Kitty, Come Down To Limerick, The Lark, Munster Gimlet, Plumkum, Will You Come Down To Limerick?.

Hughie Travers’ (reel) is also known as Hugh Traver’s, Hugh Travers’, Hughie Travers’ #2, Travers No.2, Travers Number 2, Travers’, Travers’ #2.

Providence III by Providence

  1. Leslie’s March
  2. Kitty Come Down To Limerick
  3. Travers No.2
  4. Billy Brocker’s