Four recordings of
Farrel O’Gara’s
Trim The Velvet

Farrel O’Gara’s (reel) is also known as The Falcarragh, Faral O’Gara, Farl O’Gara, Farral O’Gara, Farrall O’Gara, Farrel Gara, Farrel O’Gara, Farrell Gara, Farrell O’ Gara, Farrell O’Gara, Farrell O’Gara’s, Feargal O’Gara, Fearghaill O’Gara, Fearghal O Ghadra, Fearghal O’ Gadhra, Fearghal O’Gadhra, Fearghal O’Gara, Fearghal O’Gara’s, Fergal O’Gara, Fergal O’Gara’s, Ferghal O’Gadhra, Ferral O’Gara.

Trim The Velvet (reel) is also known as Maisigh An Veilbhit.

The Coming Dawn by Nightingale

  1. Farral O’Gara
  2. Trim The Velvet

Traditional Irish Music From County Clare by Martin Vaughan

  1. Corner House
  2. Farrel O’Gara
  3. Trim The Velvet

Two Champions: Irish Traditional Music At Its Best. by Sean McGuire And Joe Burke

  1. Farl O’Gara
  2. Trim The Velvet

Vincent Griffin And Friends by Vincent Griffin

  1. Fearghal O’Gara
  2. Trim The Velvet