One recording of
The Braes Of Mellinish
Mayn Ershtn Tants Bay Dir

The Braes Of Mellinish (jig) is also known as The Braes Of Melinish, The Braes Of Mellinish, Bruachan Mhealanais, Bruachun Mhelinis, Mr McKay’s.

Mayn Ershtn Tants Bay Dir (waltz) is also known as Der Eirshter Valse, Der Ershter Valse, Ershte Tanz, Ershte Vals, Ershter Tants, Ershter Tantz, Ershter Tanz, Ershter Vals, Ershter Valts, Erster Vals, Expectation, The Expectation, First, First Dance, The First Dance, The First, Mayn Ershte Vals, Mayn Ershtn Tants, Mayn Ershtn Vals Bay Dir, My First, My First Dance With You, My First Waltz With You, Ozhidanie, Ozhidanya.

Best Sets by Mike Katz and Alasdair White

  1. First
  2. The Braes Of Mellinish