One recording of
The Braes Of Mellinish
Doctor MacInnes’ Fancy

The Braes Of Mellinish (jig) is also known as The Braes Of Melinish, The Braes Of Mellinish, Bruachan Mhealanais, Bruachun Mhelinis, Mr McKay’s.

Doctor MacInnes’ Fancy (reel) is also known as Doctor McInnes’ Fancy, Dr John McInnes’ Fancy, Dr MacInnes’ Fancy, Dr. MacInnes’ Fancy, Dr. McInnes’ Fancy.

Meeting Place by Arise & Go

  1. Doctor Macinnes’ Fancy
  2. The Braes Of Mellinish
  3. The Famous Baravan
  4. The Hag At The Churn
  5. Up Leitrim