Two recordings of a tune named
Madame Bonaparte
With a tune named
The Wild Irishman

Madame Bonaparte (hornpipe) is also known as Bonaparte’s Advance, Madam Bonaparte, Not Tonight Josephine.

The Wild Irishman (reel) is also known as The Glenties.

Just For Gordon by Gordon Duncan

  1. Eileen Mary Connelly
  2. Angus John MacNeill Of Barra
  3. Kenny MacDonald’s
  4. Storm In A T-Shirt
  5. Mrs Crehan’s
  6. The Wild Irishman
  7. Madame Bonaparte

Just For Seumas by Gordon Duncan

  1. Donal Og
  2. The Wild Irishman
  3. Rakish Paddy
  4. Madame Bonaparte
  5. Richard Dwyer’s