Mike Flanagan’s reel

Also known as Cavan, The Cavan, Flanagan’s, Green Jacket.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Mike Flanagan's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
BE (3EEE E2ed|BE (3EEE FDFA|BE (3EEE Bcdf|1 edBA FEFA:|2 edBA FE (3DEF||
G2 dG eGdG|~G2 dB AF (3DEF|G2 dG eGdG|efdB AF (3DEF|
G2 dG eGdG|~G2 dB AFDF|EFGA Bcdf|edBA FEFA||
X: 2
T: Mike Flanagan's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
F2 cF dFcF|F2 cA GECE|F2 cF dFcF|decA GECE|
F2 cF dFcF|F2 cA GECE|D2EG ABcA|dcAG E2EG||
X: 3
T: Mike Flanagan's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
B(E{G}E)D E2Bd|B~E3 FDFA|B~E3 Bcdf|1 edBA GEDE:|2 edBA GEFA||
G2dG eGdG|G2dB AFDF|G2 dG eGdG|egdB AFDF|

Twelve comments

Big Dog Little Dog

A nice little single reel that you can do a lot with. I learned this from a friend who said he got it from a Frankie Gavin record.

Dog Big, Dog Little ?

Sure about this, Brad? “Dog Big, Dog Little” (sic) , the reel on Frankie Gavin’s flute LP, I remember as a 3-part reel, quite similar in places to “Drowsy Maggie”. I don’t think this is it. A Charlie Lennon composition, too, I think. I’ll hunt it out tonight, unless anyone else does first, and get back.

No Kenny I’m not sure. I know that this is a legit tune, I’ve played it & heard it in sessions just as it is here - but I don’t know if the name is correct. Let me know thanks

Gog big dog little

Charlie Lennon has a CD out called ‘Dog big dog little’.
Good Luck

Gravel Walk

Sounds a lot like two parts of the Gravel Walk.
Bill McKim

Mike Flanagan’s?

I play this and learned it from musicians who learned it from Gavin. I think they called it “Mike Flanagan’s”.

Dog Big, Dog Little

Hi, Brad - “Longnote” has it right. This reel is on the last track of Frankie’s flute album as “Mike Flanagan’s”. Could I suggest that you “edit details” to give it that name? Nothing wrong with the name “Mike Flanagan’s” and to give it an extra title just causes confusion. I’ll request “Dog Big and Dog Little”, just to keep the record straight. It’s not a tune that’s ever appealed to me very much, but if no-one else posts it, I’ll do it myself in a few weeks time. Fair enough ?
By the way, I think “Dog Big and Dog Little” are local names for two hills somewhere in Co. Leitrim.
Also, Mikea, Charlie Lennon never made a recording with this title, but Ben Lennon did, ( I think along with Ciaran Curran, Seamus Quinn and Gabriel McArdle, if my memory serves me. )

The Cavan Reel

The Kilfenora Ceili Band recorded this in the late 50’s after their hatrick and called it The Cavan Reel. Mary McNamara has the same title for it on her album Blackberry Blossom. It’s very like Sporting Nell if you ask me.

The cavan reel

Mike Flanagan’s is a lovely tune but it is not the same tune as you will find on the CD “Snug In The Blanket” (Paddy O’Brien,Jamie Gans, Daithi Sproule). They are both in Em and have similar initial phrasing but mistakes are made when applying tune names all the time. They are not the same reel.

Cavan Reel - Mary MacNamara & Eimear Donnellan setting

Setting 2 is my transcription from the playing of Eimear Donnellan on Unfolding, https://thesession.org/recordings/4687 who learned it from Mary MacNamara. Mary’s version on Blackberry Blossom, https://thesession.org/recordings/304 differs in the penultimate bar, where she plays DEFG ABcA instead of D2 EG ABcA. Both play it in D Dorian instead of E Dorian.

Mike Flanagan’s

North Leitrim (Ben Lennon) version, from yet another workshop. Oh the joys of a misspent youth…