The Clougher reel

Also known as Rest In Peace, Rip The Calco.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Clougher
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:~d3c d2 B/c/d|edBd egfe|~d3c d2 B/c/d|eBdB ~A3B:|
|:dB~B2 g2 fg|edBd egfe|dB~B2 g2 fg|e/f/g dB ~A3B:|
faaf g2 fg|edBd e3 e|faaf g2 fg|e/f/e dB ~A3z|
faaf g2 fg|edBd e3 e|fa~a2 bfaf|~e3f g2 fe|

Five comments

The Clougher is the third and final reel in the famed selection played by both the current Kilfenora Ceili Band and the one in the fifties. In Co. Clare the three tunes (Connemara Stockings, Jim McCormicks and Clougher) are nearly always played together as the Kilfenora set. These tunes are great favourites with set dancers.

Isn’t this Rip (Tear) the Calico? Which is already in the database.

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The tune The Flowers of Red Hill also goes by the name of the Clogher (or Clougher) Reel, but it’s a completely different tune.

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I am a robot. Anybody who does not conform and play the Comhaltas sets note for note as written in the books must be exterminated.

(Note to people with no sense of humour, I’m not *actually* a robot)

Well, I am!