Two recordings of
Swinging On The Gate
The Green Fields Of America

Swinging On The Gate (reel) is also known as Charlie Harris’s, Swinging On A Gate.

The Green Fields Of America (reel) is also known as Garranta Glasa Mheiriceá, The Greenfields Of America, Mollie Brannigan, Molly Brannigan, Molly Brannugan, Pretty Molly Brannigan.

Farewell To The Hollow by Bob Mcquillen

  1. Teetotaler’s
  2. Green Fields Of America
  3. Swinging On The Gate

Life In The Slow Lane by Seamus Bugler, Paddy O'Donoghue, Pat Mullins and Pat Costello

  1. Swinging On The Gate
  2. St. Ruth’s Bush
  3. Mollie Brannigan