Fiona’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Fiona's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DG G/G/G DCB,G,|A,B,CD EFGE|DG G/G/G BGAc|Bdgd edgd|
|:dg{a}gf gdBd|ea b/a/g af{a}ge|d g{a}g{f}g dcBc|A=FcF dFcA|
dg{a}gf gdBd|ea b/a/g a2 ga|bgaf {a}gedB|1 {d}cBAc BGGB:|2 {d}cBAc BG G2||

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Getting the hang of this ABC thing

This tune was written in 1995 or 96, and was named after bodhran-great Jesse Winch’s newborn daughter, Fiona. The tune was played for a few early years by Solas (in a reel set before Dougie MacDonald’s etc), and there are a few who are directly associated with me that also play it.
For those who frequent this website that are interested in different approaches to writing tunes, the melody for this tune came to me oddly during an orchestra rehearsal where we were being forced to practice our major scales, and with a bit of manipulation, came the characteristic run in the first part. The second part is based mostly on cookie-cutter irish music pieces, except for the strong F chord, which was really just a matter of asking the question "is there anyway that this could work?
Anyhow, hope you enjoy the tune.

Hey there Brendan. You ought to give yourself credit for writing the tune when you post it. I think you can do that in abc by putting in a line with C: followed by your name. Unless of course you prefer to remain anonymous!

But I would say that whoever may have written it, this is a crackin’ tune - even if it’s not exactly flute-friendly…

Thanks for the notice John, I’m not used to ABCs ;)

Brendan, I’m guessing this is actually in G major, not D as posted? C naturals, rather than c sharps?

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Thanks will, I keep messing that up!

Keep at it…this abc stuff gets easier the more you use it.

Nice tune, too!

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Fiona’s WALTZ

This REEL is clearly not the tune from the cd, which is 3/4 WALTZ. I have posted the correct tune - sorry I can’t provide A link to it.