Beauty Of The North strathspey

By Simon Fraser

Also known as Beauties Of The North, The Beauty Of The North, Mais’ An Taobh Tuath.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Beauty Of The North
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cdor
E|:G,/E3/2 E3/2F/ G3/2A/ B/c3/2|C/C3/2 F3/2E/ DB, B,2|
G,/E3/2 E3/2F/ G3/2A/ B/g3/2|1 fd e/d/c/B/ e2 zE:|2 fd e/d/c/B/ e2 zg||
e3/2g/ B/g3/2 e/g3/2 b3/2g/|a3/2g/ f3/2e/ d/B3/2 B/g3/2|
e/g3/2 B3/2g/ e/f/g/a/ bg|af e/d/c/B/ e2 eg|
g/e3/2 B/G3/2 e/B3/2 G/E3/2|A/G3/2 F3/2E/ D/B,3/2 B,2|
G,/E3/2 E3/2A/ G/e3/2 B/g3/2|fd e/d/c/B/ e2 e2||
X: 2
T: Beauty Of The North
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cdor
A|:C/A3/2 A3/2B/ c3/2d/ e/f3/2|F/F3/2 B3/2A/ GE E2|C/A3/2 A3/2B/ c3/2d/ e/c’3/2|
[1 bg a/g/f/e/ a2 zA:|2 bg a/g/f/e/ a2 zc’||
a3/2c’/ e/c’3/2 a/c’3/2 e’3/2c’/|d’3/2c’/ b3/2a/ g/e3/2 e/c’3/2|
a/c’3/2 e3/2c’/ a/b/c’/d’/ e’c’|d’b a/g/f/e/ a2 ac’|
c’/a3/2 e/c3/2 a/e3/2 c/A3/2|d/c3/2 B3/2A/ G/E3/2 E2|
C/A3/2 A3/2d/ c/a3/2 e/c’3/2|bg a/g/f/e/ a2 a2||
X: 3
T: Beauty Of The North
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
A|"A"(C<A) A>B c>d (e<f)|"B7"F<F B>A "E7"(G<E) E>D|
"A"(C<A) A>B c>d (e<c')|"D"b>g "E7"a/g/f/e/ "A"a2a:|
c'|"A"a>c' e>c' (a<c') e'>c'|"Bm"d'>c' b>a "E7"(g<e) e>c'|
"A"a>c' e>c' a/b/c'/d'/ e'>c'|"E7"d'>b a/g/f/e/ "A"a2a>b|
"A"c'>a (e<c) a>e (c<A)|"Bm"d>c B>A "E7"(G<E) E>D|
"A"(C<A) A>d (c<a) (e<c')|"E7"b>g (a/g/)(f/e/) "A"a2a||

Seven comments

Terrific Pipe Tune - or fiddle

I’ve heard this tune all my life but the challenge is it’s actually written in Eb (C Minor) I don’t know how to do this on this system. So - it really isn’t as hard to play as it looks and … well enjoy.

Slow Strathspey

I play fiddle and I also enter competitions. I know this as a Slow Strathspey and it is a fiddle tune, not a pipe one. It was written by Ian Fraser… I think.
It’s a fantastic tune!

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Composed by Captain Simon Fraser. Published in 1816.

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Well I alsmost got the composer right!

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The Beauty of the North transposed for flute


Chris Norman played this Stathspey beautifuly on his CD of the same name but needed to transposed it to a more fluty key:

A |: C/A3/2 A3/2B/ c3/2d/ e/f3/2 | F/F3/2 B3/2A/ GE E2 | C/A3/2 A3/2B/ c
3/2d/ e/c’3/2 |
[1 bg a/g/f/e/ a2 zA :|2 bg a/g/f/e/ a2 zc’ ||
a3/2c’/ e/c’3/2 a/c’3/2 e’3/2c’/ | d’3/2c’/ b3/2a/ g/e3/2 e/c’3/2 | \ a/
c’3/2 e3/2c’/ a/b/c’/d’/ e’c’ | d’b a/g/f/e/ a2 ac’ |
c’/a3/2 e/c3/2 a/e3/2 c/A3/2 | d/c3/2 B3/2A/ G/E3/2 E2 | C/A3/2 A3/2d/ c
/a3/2 e/c’3/2 | bg a/g/f/e/ a2 a2 |

Re: Beauty Of The North

To fix the first setting, it can’t be done here, but if you download the abc, just change the key to Eb. Thanks for posting.