Two recordings of
Where Is The Cat?
The Star Above The Garter

Where Is The Cat? (slide) is also known as Huish The Cat, Hush The Cat, Wallop The Cat, The Kitchen With No Food, Tadeen The Fiddler, Tadeen The Fiddler’s, Taidhgin An Asail’s, Wallop The Cat From Under The Table, Wallop The Cat That’s Merry And Fat, Where Is The Cat, Where’s The Cat, Where’s The Cat?.

The Star Above The Garter (slide) is also known as An Réalt Os Cionn An Ghairtéir, The Kerry, Lisheen No.1, The Lisheen Slides.

Along Blackwater's Banks by Sliabh Notes

  1. Art O’Keefe’s
  2. The Star Above The Garter
  3. Taidhgin An Asail’s

Blue Fiddle by Coastline

  1. Star Above The Garter
  2. Where Is The Cat?