Six recordings of The Fairhaired Child

Also known as An Paisdín Fionn, An Paistin Fionn, The Fair Haired Boy, The Fair Haired Child, The Fair-haired Child, The Little Fair Child, Paisdín Fionn, Paistin Fionn.

This tune has been recorded together with Bowe’s Favourite, Garrett Barry’s.

  1. Hills Of Erin by Karen Ashbrook
  2. Rarities and Old Favourites 1949-1993 by Micho Russell
  3. The Gold Ring - CD 2 Of 2 by Willie Clancy
  4. The Last House In Ballymakea by Junior Crehan
  5. The Limestone Rock by Micho Russell
  6. Traditional Irish Music From County Clare by Micho Russell