Six recordings of a tune named
The Fairhaired Child

Also known as An Paisdín Fionn, An Paistin Fionn, The Fair Haired Boy, The Fair Haired Child, The Fair-haired Child, The Little Fair Child, Paisdín Fionn, Paistin Fionn.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Bowe’s Favourite, Garrett Barry’s.

  1. Hills Of Erin by Karen Ashbrook
  2. Rarities and Old Favourites 1949-1993 by Micho Russell
  3. The Gold Ring - CD 2 Of 2 by Willie Clancy
  4. The Last House In Ballymakea by Junior Crehan
  5. The Limestone Rock by Micho Russell
  6. Traditional Irish Music From County Clare by Micho Russell