One recording of a tune named
Larry’s Favourite
With a tune named
Andrew Carr

Larry’s Favourite (reel) is also known as Lar Gavin’s Favourite, Larry’s Favorite, Paddy O’Briens.

Andrew Carr (slip jig) is also known as Andrew Carei, Andrew Carey, Andrew Cary, Andrew Kerr, Andy Carey, Cnuic Tiobraid-Arainn, Con’s Slip, Derby Carey, Hills Of Tipperary, The Hills Of Tipperary, Michael Gorman’s, Over The Hill To Tipperary, Over The Hills To Tipperary, Scotland, Tipperary Hills, The Tipperary Hills, The Yairds O’ Finnigirth.

The Compositions Of Paddy O'Brien by Eileen O'Brien And Willie Fogarty

  1. The Hills Of Tipperary
  2. Larry’s Favourite