One recording of a tune named
The Cuckoo’s Nest
With a tune named
The Maid Behind The Bar

The Cuckoo’s Nest (hornpipe) is also known as Jack Tar, The Jack Tar, Jacky Tar, The Jacky Tar, The Magpie’s Nest.

The Maid Behind The Bar (reel) is also known as The Barmaid, Freastalaí Laistiar Cuntar, Freastalaí Laistiar ḍen ǥCuntar, The Haymaker, Indy’s Favorite, Judy’s, Kiss The Maid Behind The Bar, Little Judy, Little Judy’s, New York.

Do You Want Kilts With That? by Lalla Rookh

  1. Cuckoo’s Nest
  2. Maid Behind The Bar
  3. Nixon’s Farewell