Sixty-six recordings of Dinkey’s

Also known as Dinkey Dorian’s, Dinkey Dorrian’s, Dinkie Dorian’s, Dinkie Dorrian’s, Dinkie’s, Dinkies, Dinky Dolan’s, Dinky Dorrian’s, Dinky’s.

This tune has been recorded together with Paddy’s Trip To Scotland (lots of times), The Shetland Fiddler (lots of times), MacArthur Road (lots of times), A Mile Down The Road (lots of times), The Easy Club (lots of times), Andy Renwick’s Ferret (a few times), The Humours Of Tullyknockbrine (a few times), The Boys Of Malin (a few times), Sleepy Maggie (a few times), Tam Lin (a few times), Brenda Stubbert’s (a few times), The Convenience (a few times), The Gladstone (a few times), Julia Delaney’s (a few times), The Picnic (a few times), The Silver Spire (a few times), The Wild Irishman (a few times), Wissahickon Drive (a few times), Big John McNeil, Bonnie Kate, The Bunch Of Keys, Calliope House, Captain Campbell, Christy Campbell, The Clumsy Lover, Cooley’s, Creignish Hills, The Crooked Road To Dublin, The Culfadda, Dick Gossip’s, Dinny Delaney’s, Duncan Davidson’s, Dusky Meadow, The Earl’s Chair, The Exile Of Erin, The Fairy Dance, Farewell To Nigg, The Fisherman’s Island, Fremont Center, George White’s Favorite, The Golden Eagle, The Golden Keyboard, The Gravel Walks, Grian Ri, Gypsy Princess, The High Road To Linton, Jackson’s, Jenny’s Chickens, John Stenson’s, The Jolly Tinker, King George, The King’s, The Kylebrack Rambler, Lay Dee At Dee, Little Johnnie’s Hame, Lochiel’s Awa’ Tae France, The Longford Collector, Lord Mayo, The Low Highland, Mac An Irish, Maggie McGee’s Schottische, The Maids Of Castlebar, Maudabawn Chapel, Miss Lyall, Missing Time, Molly Rankin’s, The Monday Morning, Musical Priest, The New Copperplate, O’er Bogie, O’Rourke’s, Old Man Dillon, The Oyster Wife’s Rant, Paddy Taylor’s, The Periwig, Please Give A Penny To The Poor Old Man, Pórt Na BPúcaí, The Reconciliation, Saint Anne’s, The South Shore, Spootiskerry, Staten Island, The Sweetness Of Mary, The Tempest, The Tenpenny Bit, Tom Rae, Tommy Peoples’, The Train Journey North, Tripping Down The Stairs, The Turnpike, The Weasel.

  1. 1991 World Pipe Band Championships by Various Artists
  2. 2 House Concerts - Live in Clapton-in-Gordano by Choonz
  3. Alchymeia by Alchymeia
  4. Altan’s Finest by Altan
  5. Altan: Live by Altan
  6. An Unfair Dance by Ceolbeg
  7. Anthem by De Danann
  8. At The Source by Celtic Spring
  9. Best Of 1987-1993 by Altan
  10. Ceol Na DTéad by Francie And Mickey Byrne
  11. Come To Dance by John Whelan
  12. Don’t Touch that Green Linnet by Paul and David Garner with Jon Hicks
  13. Drops Of Springwater by Karen Tweed
  14. Fidil 3 by Ciarán Ó Maonaigh, Aidan O’Donnell, Damien McGeehan
  15. Foxy Laddie by The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience
  16. Frigate by Frigate
  17. Full Steam Ahead by Give Way
  18. Greenfire by Greenfire
  19. Heat Of The Moment by Pierre Schryer And Ian Clark
  20. Hits & Highlights by Old Blind Dogs
  21. Hole In One by Ralf Weihrauch
  22. Homecoming by Anders Lillebo
  23. Horse With A Heart by Altan
  24. House Sessions by Brenda Stubbert
  25. How The West Was Won by De Dannan
  26. Ireland by Altan, De Dannan, Frankie Gavin/Liam O’Flynn/Desi Wilkinson
  27. Irish Fiddle Solos by Pete Cooper
  28. Irlande (Live) by Frankie Gavin, Arty McGlynn & Aidan Coffey
  29. Jack In The Box Irish Session by Tionol
  30. Just As It Was 1 by Alasdair Fraser and Muriel Johnstone
  31. Just As It Was 2 by Alasdair Fraser and Muriel Johnstone
  32. Lads Of Lash by Choonz
  33. Last Night’s Fun by Johnny Faa
  34. Live At De Danu by Choonz
  35. Live at the Espresso Garden by Molly’s Revenge
  36. Live At the Wodanhalle by Choonz
  37. Live At Trinity Hall by Trinity Hall Session Players
  38. Live in Lorient by Doolin’
  39. Live-Disc 2 by Natalie MacMaster
  40. Mirka by Mirka
  41. New Tricks by Old Blind Dogs
  42. Ocean View by Shanachie
  43. On Fire! by The Cottars
  44. One More by Inis Fail
  45. Out On The Ocean by Nine-8ths Irish
  46. Out the Buckhorn Way by Bob Hubbach & Friends
  47. Pipeworks by Jimmy Young
  48. Reel:Ode by King Chiaullee
  49. Round #1 by Boxing Banjo
  50. SíFiddlers by The SíFiddlers
  51. String Sisters Live by String Sisters
  52. The Donegal Fiddle by Various Artists
  53. The Fiddle Music Of Donegal - Volume Three by Various Artists
  54. The Great Bear Trio by The Great Bear Trio
  55. The Mighty Box by Luke Daniels
  56. The Moon and Seven Stars by The Elftones
  57. The New Blackthorn Stick by Andy Lamy
  58. The Orkney Sessions From The Ayre Hotel by Various Artists
  59. The Twisted Oak by Elizabeth Clark
  60. The Unseen Dance by Evergreen
  61. Theo Paige by Theo Paige
  62. Trad At Heart by Various Artists
  63. Traditional Irish Music by Roaring Mary
  64. Traditional Music From Cape Breton by Various Artists
  65. Up to no good by Fist and Chips
  66. Wired for Sound by Alycia Putnam