Seventy-two recordings of a tune named
The Silver Spire

Also known as Another La Grondeuse, Bennett’s Favorite, The Great Eastern, O’Byrne’s Fancy, Scups Come, Silverspire.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Pigeon On The Gate (a few times), The Congress (a few times), The Girls At Martinfield (a few times), The Green Fields Of Glentown (a few times), The Humours Of Tulla (a few times), The Mountain Road (a few times), The Quiet Man (a few times), Sean Ryan’s (a few times), The Solstice (a few times), A Punch In The Dark, Anderson’s, The Belles Of Tipperary, The Blackberry Blossom, The Boys Of Malin, Brenda Stubbert’s, Captain O’Kane, Cooley’s, The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Dawn, Drag Her Round The Road, Drowsy Maggie, Farrel O’Gara’s, George White’s Favorite, The Glass Of Beer, The Groves, The Humours Of Tullyknockbrine, The Hunter’s House, The Hunter’s Purse, The Ivy Leaf, Janine’s, Jig For Grace, Johnny Wilmot’s Fiddle, The Lady On The Island, Miss Monaghan, The Monaghan Twig, The Mullingar Lea, The Mullingar Races, The Musical Priest, Never Was Piping So Gay, Off To California, Reel For Grace, Reilly Of The White Hill, Rolling In The Ryegrass, The Ships Are Sailing, The Silver Tip, Speed The Plough, Toss The Feathers, The Trip To Durrow, Tripping Down The Stairs, Wes And Maggie’s Ceili Croft, The Wheels Of The World.

  1. ‘Tis What It Is by Mick Conneely And David Munnelly
  2. 150 Gems of Irish Music for Tin Whistle - CD 2, part 1 by Grey Larsen
  3. A Dark Horse by Martin Murray
  4. A Man Apart by Sean McGuire
  5. Alesia by Rapalje
  6. Aris by Le Cheile
  7. Back In Town by Paddy Killoran
  8. Before Dawn by Harmony Glen
  9. Best Of Irish Fiddle by Florie Brown
  10. Best of Scottish Fiddle by Various Artists
  11. Brothers Together by Sean And Jim McGuire
  12. By Heck by David Munnelly
  13. California Celt by Jesse Autumn And Friends
  14. Calliope House by Modesty Forbids
  15. Cornerstone by Celtic Spring
  16. Corvus by Colcannon
  17. Crossing Warness by Douglas Montgomery and Stewart Shearer
  18. Cuts From The Turf by Hooley
  19. Dans Tous Les Cantons by Accordéonistes Du Québec
  20. Doctor A’s Secret Remedies by Four Men And A Dog
  21. Dookin’ For Apples by Alistair Anderson
  22. Draw The Bow by Malachy Bourke
  23. Farewell To Ireland CD 4 (Of A Box Set Of 4) by Various Artists
  24. Fiddle Sticks, Irish Traditional Music From Donegal by Various Artists
  25. Fiddlers Five by Fiddlers Five
  26. First Through The Gate by Brian Conway
  27. Fit As A Fiddle by Natalie MacMaster
  28. From Ballymote To Brooklyn by Paddy Killoran and James Morrison
  29. Give Us Another by Joe Derrane
  30. High Clouds by Greenfield Dance Band
  31. High Rock And Low Glen by Dab Hand
  32. Highly Strung by Alistair McCulloch
  33. Irish Traditional Music by Jim McKillop
  34. Just Me And A Fiddle by The Flyin’ Fiddler Wayne Cantwell
  35. Keeping It Reel by Ian Walsh And Kevin Buckley
  36. Last Night’s Fun by Last Night’s Fun
  37. Last Night’s Fun by Johnny Faa
  38. Live At Trinity Hall by Trinity Hall Session Players
  39. Matt Molloy, Paul Brady, Tommy Peoples by Matt Molloy, Paul Brady, Tommy Peoples
  40. Milestone At The Garden by Irish Fiddle Masters From The 78 RPM Era
  41. Misneach by Misneach
  42. Music From The Glens by The Quinn Family
  43. New Irish Harmonica by Brendan Power
  44. New Living Room by Olaf Sickmann
  45. Ón Dá Thaobh / From Both Sides by Niamh Ni Charra
  46. Pure Traditional Irish Fiddle Music: Brothers Together by Sean McGuire and Jim McGuire
  47. Riverdance And Other Famous Irish Songs And Dances by Various Artists
  48. Sean Maguire, Portraid by Sean McGuire
  49. Sharon Shannon by Sharon Shannon
  50. The Blue Lamp by Jonny Hardie And Gavin Marwick
  51. The Fiddler by E Sarah Carter
  52. The Great Bear Trio by The Great Bear Trio
  53. The Maid At The Well by Tony O’Rourke
  54. The Purple Heather CD2 by Vincent Campbell
  55. The Purple Heather CD2 by Vincent Campbell
  56. The Road From Erin—Ireland’s Musical Legacy by Dorian Recordings
  57. The Road to Hammer Junkie by The Chair
  58. The Sailor’s Cravat by Paddy O’Brien
  59. The Sharon Shannon Collection 1990 - 2005 Disc 1 by Sharon Shannon
  60. The Silver Spire by Karen Tweed
  61. The Tap Session by Andrea Beaton
  62. The Teach Ceoil Concerts: 10 Years of Corofin Traditional Festival Concerts 2002-2011 by Various Artists
  63. The Tin Sandwich by Tommy Basker
  64. The Trip Over The Mountain by Michael Queally And Cyril O’Donoghue
  65. The Wee Hours by Various Artists
  66. The Wheels Of The World, Early Irish American Music, Vol 2 by Various Artists
  67. Tradivarious by Tradivarious
  68. Tread by Tread
  69. Tuned In by Johnny Murphy
  70. Walking Stones by Ken Kolodner, Laura Risk, Robin Bullock
  71. Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald: House Parties And 78s by Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald
  72. Wire Work by Joel McDermott