The Coming Of Spring jig

By Paddy O’Brien

Also known as Paddy O’Brien’s.

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Eight settings

X: 1
T: The Coming Of Spring
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:BEE B2 A|(3Bcd B {d} BAG|~F3 DFA|dfe dBA|
BEE B2 A|Bef gfe|dBG FGA|1 BGE Ed=c:|2 BGE E2 F||
|:GEF G2 A|B2 A Bec|dAA BAG|(3FGA F DEF|
GFE FGA|Bef gfe|dBG FGA|1 BEE E2 F:|2 BEE Eef||
g3 efe|Beg bag|f2 d dcd|AFA def|
g2 e efe|Beg bag|fed (3fga f|ge^d e2 f|
g2 e efe|Beg bag|f2 d dcd|AFA def|
g2 e fed|Bec dfe|dBG FGA|BGE Ed=c||
# Added .
X: 2
T: The Coming Of Spring
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
BEE B2 A|Bef gfe|dc/B/A FGA|BGE E2:|
G2 E FGA|Bef gfe|dc/B/A FGA|BEE E2:|
g2 e eBe|geg bag|f2 d dcd|AFA def|
[1 g2 e eBe|geg bag|fed fg/a/f|ged e2:|
[2 g2 e fed|Bec dfe|dc/B/A FGA|BGE E2||
X: 3
T: The Coming Of Spring
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
BEE B2A|Bef gfe|dc/B/A FGA|BGE E2:|
G2E FGA|Bef gfe|dc/B/A FGA|BEE E2:|
|:e/f/|g2e eBe|geg bag|f2d dB/c/d|AFA def|
[1 g2e eBe|geg bag|fed fg/a/f|ged e2f:|
[2 g2e fed|Bec dfe|dc/B/A FGA|BGE E2||
# Added by JACKB .
X: 4
T: The Coming Of Spring
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:BEE B2A|B/c/dB BAG|F2F DFA|dfe dBA|
BEE B2A|Bef gfe|dBG FGA|1 BGE E2A:|2 BGE E2F||
GEF G2A|Bef gfe|dBG FGA|1 BGE E2F:|2 BGE E2f||
~g3 ege|Beg bag|f2d dcd|AFA def|
g3 e/f/ge|Beg bag|fed f/g/af|ge^d e2f|
~g3 ege|Beg b2g|f2d dcd|AFA def|
gfe fed|Bec d2e|dBG FGA|BGE E2A||
X: 5
T: The Coming Of Spring
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
A|:BEE B2 A|B/c/dB BAG|FEF DFA|dfe dBA|
BEE B2 A|Bef gfe|dBG FGA|1 BGE E2A:|2 BGE E2F||
|:GEF G2 A|B2 A Bec|dAA BAG|F/G/A F DEF|
GEF G2A|Bef gfe|dBG FGA|1 BEE E2 F:|2 BEE E2f||
g2e ege|Beg bag|~f3 dcd|AGA def|
~g3 ege|Beg bag|f/a/f/e/d f/g/a/f|gee e2f|
g2e ege|Beg bag|f2 d dcd|AGA def|
g2e fed|Bec dfe|dBG FGA|BGE E2A||
X: 6
T: The Coming Of Spring
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
|:ADD ~A3|AcA AGF|~E3 CEG|c2d cAG|
ADD ~A3|Ade fed|c2F EFG|1 AFD D2G:|2 AFD D2 E||
FDE F/F/FG|Ade fed|c2F EFG|1 AFD D2E:|2 AFD D2e||
~f3 ded|Adf agf|~e3 cBc|GEG cde|
f2d ded|Adf agf|edc e/f/ge|fdc d2e|
~f3 dAF|D2g agf|~e3 cBc|GEG cde|
f2d edc|AdB c2d|cAF EFG|AFD D2G||
X: 7
T: The Coming Of Spring
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
A|:BEE Bc/B/A|BdB BAG|~F3 DFA|dfe dBA|
BEE Bc/B/A|Bef gfe|dBG FGA|1 BGE E3:|2 BGE E2F||
G2E FGA|Bef gfe|dBG FGA|1 BGE E2F:|2 BGE E2f||
~g2e ege|Beg bag|~f2d dcd|AFA def|
~g2e efe|Beg bag|fed f/g/af|ged e2f|
~g2e efe|Beg bag|~f2d dcd|AFA def|
~g2e fed|Bec dfe|dBG FGA|BGE E2A||
X: 8
T: The Coming Of Spring
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
A|:BEE ~B3|BdB BAG|~F3 DFA|dfe dBA|
BEE ~B3|Bef gfe|dBG FGA|1 AGE E2A:|2 AGE E2F||
|:GEF ~G2A|~B3 Bec|dAA BAG|F/G/AF DEF|
~G2E FGA|Bef gfe|dBG FGA|1 AGE E2F:|2 AGE E2f||
~g3 eee|Beg b2g|f2d dcd|AFA def|
~g3 eee|Beg b2g|~f2d f/g/af|ged e2f|
~g3 eee|Beg b2g|f2d dcd|AFA def|
~g2e fed|Bec dfe|dBG FGA|AGE E2A||

Nineteen comments

The Coming of Spring

Besides being a great three-part jig, this tune offers some optimism for those of us living in northern climes. I like how the major chords of the B part counter balance the minory sounds of the A and C parts--spring is surely coming, but it’s not here yet.

This jig was composed by Paddy O‘Brien, and the transcription here is from Kevin Rowsome (on pipes) and Lorraine Hickey (on fiddle) from the cd, The Rowsome Tradition. They play it in a set, after the Trip to Bantry (also a Paddy O’Brien composition), which is already in the database here.

There’s lots of opportunity for nyah in this tune (as in most of P.O’Brien’s tunes), smearing up to nearly any quarter note, and especially those high g’s in the third part. The c natural at the end of the first and third parts also lends a nice touch.

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Nice thought

i’ll hold that thought while watching the snow fall here in washington, suppose montana looks the same. if we play this one a lot maybe it will speed up the spring process. does it go with the frost is all over? don

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fun tune, by the way. paddy o’brien tunes are usually winners.

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Here in Montana we also play a jig called Early Winter, written by a local (and sometimes Nashville-based) fiddler, Al Cantrell. And then there’s the Chinook Reel, and Dougie MacLean’s One Summer’s Morning….

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“The Compositions of Paddy O’Brien”

J.D.C. Publications Ltd., 1992

Page 7: “The Coming of Spring”

The Coming of Spring

It seems Paddy O‘Brien paired this tune with another of his compositions, the Black Lough: You can actually listen to his daughter Eileen O’Brien and fluter Deirdre McSherry play the two tunes together: (Weds 18th August 2004, starts around 34:30) East Galway flute player Sean Moloney recorded them on the silver flute, but in reverse order.

By the way, this is a beautiful tune. And easy to learn and play too.

I accidentally found nice sound clips of the Sruleen Ceili Band of South Birmingham, the last year’s winner at the All Britain Fleadh. Here’s one of them: It was originally broadcasted on the RTE radio programme Ceili House last year. The first tune they play in the clip is the Coming of Spring.

The jig set starts around 8:30. Yes, the first one.

“The Coming of Spring” ~ C: Paddy O’Brien ~ a rescued duplication

Submitted on November 21st 2008 by JACKB.
~ /tunes/9106

X: 2
T: Coming of Spring, The
T: Paddy O’Brien’s (because there are so many, I haven’t added this in the alternate titles…)
C: Paddy O’Brien
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Edor
|: A |\
BEE B2 A | BdB BAG | FEF DFA | dfe dBA |
BEE B2 A | Bef gfe | dc/B/A FGA | BGE E2 :|
|: F |\
GEF G2 A | B2 A Bec | dAA BAG | F3 DEF |
G2 E FGA | Bef gfe | dc/B/A FGA | BEE E2 :|
|:e/f/ |\
g2 e eBe | geg bag | f2 d dcd | AFA def |
[1 g2 e eBe | geg bag | fed fg/a/f | ged e2 :|
[2 g2 e fed | Bec dfe | dc/B/A FGA | BGE E2 |]

This is the lovely jig Declan Masterson plays on his album “At the End of the Harvest”.

# Posted on November 21st 2008 by JACKB

NOTE: I really like the C-part variants as given here, JACKB’s transcription. JACKB had this as e minor, but following the version of this printed in Paddy O’Brien’s collection and as it lies I’ve change the K: to E Dorian, relative D Major, meaning this tune has two sharps, F# & C# throughout… But, I tend to play the descent JACKB gives in the penultimate bar for every part as ~ | d=c/B/A FGA | ~ …

Paddy O’Brien’s

From the playing of Declan Masterson and his CD At The End Of The Harvest. I couldn’t find this tune here as the tune under Declan’s recording comes up as a reel.

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It’s The Coming of Spring and it’s already here. I can’t figure out how to copy and paste the link here iOS 8 for iPad.

The Coming Of Spring, X:4

A few runs put onto the base melody.

Seána Davey & Stephen Doherty play it really well on their album “The Esdee Sessions”, and Líosa (Murphy) plays an upbeat version on her album “Skylark”.

The Coming Of Spring, X:6

From the playing of Stephen Doherty & Seana Davey.

The second time through, they play “(8DEFGABcd agf” in place of “D2g agf” for the 10th bar of the C Part.