The Nova Scotia reel

Also known as Gregory Grene’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Nova Scotia
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
cd|:e2ce ABcA|Bcdf edce|d2BG dGBG|~g3b agfd|
e2ce ABcA|Bcdf edce|~d2Bc dfed|cdBc A2cd:|
eA (3AAA d2cd|eA (3AAA d2cd|eA (3AAA d2cd|efge d2cd|
eA (3AAA d2cd|eA (3AAA d2cd|eA (3AAA d2cd|efge d2cd||

Four comments

My first foray into ABC notation (after a brief misfire this morning— sorry Jeremy). This is a fierce tune, written by Gregory Grene, the accordion player with the prodigals. It’s a great opening tune, but also works well as a "finishing tune", e.g. the last cut on Kieran O’Hare’s great self-released album. Come to think of it, there’s my next post…



Hi Darin! I just very recently learned this tune from John B. and John McG’s Cd. I really wanted to learn the one that comes after it (Johnny Cronin’s) but it’s too difficult for me right now. So I thought the Nova Scotia sounded cool so I learned that instead.
It’s strange that the A part seems to be twice as long as the B part though.

I like how on the last time around on the B part John B. does a D chord instead of a G chord. It sounds really powerful.

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Oops. I meant to say "instead of an A chord."

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