Four recordings of
McGovern’s Favourite
Tom Ward’s Downfall

McGovern’s Favourite (reel) is also known as A Trip In The Meadows, The Conneberry, The Cottage In The Grove, The Crooked, Maurice Casey’s Fancy, Mc Govern’s Favourite, McGovern’s, Mike Flynn’s, Paddy Killoran No.2, Rogha Mhic Shamhrain, The Village In The Grove, McGovern’s Favorite.

Tom Ward’s Downfall (reel) is also known as Follow Me Down To Carlow, The Long Hills Of Mourne, Mountains Of Mourne, The Mountains Of Mourne, Mourne Mountains, The Mourne Mountains, O’Leary’s, Tom Wall’s Downfall, Tom Ward’s Downfall.

From Ballymote To Brooklyn by Paddy Killoran and James Morrison

  1. McGovern’s Favourite
  2. Tom Ward’s Downfall

Last Night's Fun by John Carty

  1. McGovern’s Favorite
  2. Tom Ward’s Downfall

Paddy Killoran's Back in Town by Paddy Killoran

  1. McGovern’s Favourite
  2. Tom Ward’s Downfall

Pathway To The Well by Matt Molloy, John Carty & Arty McGlynn

  1. The Bloom Of Youth
  2. McGovern’s
  3. Tom Ward’s Downfall
  4. The Grand Spey