Tea Gardens jig

By Angus Chisholm

Also known as Tea Garden, The Tea Garden, Tea Garden’s, The Tea Gardens Two-Step, The Tea Gardens, Teagarden.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Tea Gardens
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B2 c|d^cd b2 a|g2 d B2 d|cBc ezc|A3- A2 G|
FDF A2 d|f2 d A2 B|cBc edc|B3 B2 c|
d^cd b2 a|g2 d B2 d|cBc ezc|A3- A2 G|
DF A2 d|f2 d A2 B|cBc bfa|1 g3:|2 g3 g2||
z|B,DG BGD|B,DG Bdg|e^de B2 =d|c3- c2 B|
ABc ABc|a2 g f2 e|d^cd ed=c|B3 d3|
B,DG BGD|B,DG Bdg|e^de B2 =d|c3- c2 B|
ABc a2 g|f2 e A2b|c'bc' e2 f|g3||
X: 2
T: Tea Gardens
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:Bc^c|d^cd b2 a|g2 d B2 d|cBc e2 c|E3- E2 G|
FDF A2 d|f2 d A2 _B|1 B^AB edc|d3:|2 B^AB bfa|g3- g:|
|:d/c/|[B,B]DG BGD|[B,B]DG Bdg|e^de B2 =d|c3- c2 B|
ABc AA/B/c|a2 g f2 e|1 d^cd ed=c|B3- B:|2 c’bc’ e2 f|g3||

Ten comments

Tea Gardens

"Tea Gardens-Tea Gardens was composed by Angus as he was waiting for a bus in front of a Chinese place by that name in Sydney; he wrote down enough of it on the bus going home so that he could remember and sort it out later. It is the only one of Angus’ compositions which he himself

The recording is:
The Early Recordings of Angus Chisolm: Legendary performances of traditional Scottish Fiddling, Shanachie Records 14001, 1978

Also it is on the Traditional Music from CB Island at Cork University CD from Nimbus.

Howie MacDonald also recorded it on The Dance Last Night


Note, the restaurant was then known as the Tea Gardens on Charlotte Street in Sydney Nova Scotia. In the 1960s, the name changed to the Maple Leaf Restaurant, which it retains to this day.
My father was one of the owners of this restaurant at the time the tune was composed.

George Seto

Ages ago … before I was aware of thesession’s existence, I requested this tune via another site and George came to my aid within hours! This is a superb tune … if a little technically challenging for me! Welcome to thesession George. Those who don’t know the boul’ Mr Seto, allow me to tell you that he’s a fountain of knowledge and an all-round good egg.

It has something of the feel of a two-step, rather than a jig.

bar 13 doesn’t add up. should there be a rest between the first two eigths?

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Another Recording

Joe and JP Cormier’s recording Velvet Arm Golden Hand also includes the Tea Garden as the first tune of the first set.

I agree with the two-step/quickstep feel of this one, as does the 64 bars of it…

This also works as a 32 bar tune by not repeating the 16 bars given here as the A-part…

FDF A2 d | ~ bar 13 corrected

Bar 13 is missing one note, the opening F…

“The Tea Gardens Two-Step”

X: 2
T: Tea Gardens, The
N: A 32 bar take with considerations for the D-limited
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: two-step
K: GMaj
|: Bc^c |\
d^cd b2 a | g2 d B2 d | cBc e2 c | E3- E2 G |
FDF A2 d | f2 d A2 _B |[1 B^AB edc | d3 :|[2 B^AB bfa | g3- g :|
|: d/c/ |\
[B,B]DG BGD | [B,B]DG Bdg | e^de B2 =d | c3- c2 B |
ABc AA/B/c | a2 g f2 e |[1 d^cd ed=c | B3- B :|[2 c‘bc’ e2 f | g3 |]

Another way to end this ~ for the c’ shy:

ABc AA/B/c | a2 g f2 e |[1 d^cd ed=c | B3- B :|[2 d^cd bfa | g3 |]