Four recordings of a tune named
James Gannon’s
With a tune named
The Dances At Kinvara

James Gannon’s (barndance) is also known as The Chaffpool Post, Gannon’s, James Cannon’s, James Gannon, James Gannon’s Clog, The Merry Priest, Shannon Waves, The Shannon Waves.

The Dances At Kinvara (barndance) is also known as Dancing In Kinvara.

An Tower by Tommy Mellett and Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha

  1. Dances At Kinvara
  2. The Chaffpool Post

Ceol Caithréimeach Na NGael by Na Dorsa

  1. Gannon’s
  2. The Dances At Kinvara

Home Away From Home by NicGaviskey

  1. Chaffpool Post
  2. Dances At Kinvara

Providence III by Providence

  1. Dances At Kinvara
  2. Chaffpool Post
  3. The Roosky
  4. The Teelin