Three recordings of
James Gannon’s
Sean Hayes’

James Gannon’s (barndance) is also known as The Chaffpool Post, Gannon’s, James Cannon’s, James Gannon, James Gannon’s Clog, Jamesy Gannon’s, The Merry Priest, Shannon Waves, The Shannon Waves.

Sean Hayes’ (barndance) is also known as Haye’s Favourite, Hayes Favourite, Hayes’, Hayes’ Favorite, Hayes’ Favourite, Sean Hayes.

The Cat That Ate The Candle by John Carty And Brian McGrath

  1. Hayes’ Favourite
  2. James Gannon’s

The Mountain Road by Various Artists

  1. Haye’s Favourite
  2. The Chaffpool Post

Through The Round Window by Eamonn Coyne

  1. Sean Hayes’
  2. Shannon Waves
  3. Memories Of Sligo