Four recordings of
James Gannon’s
The Curlew Hills

James Gannon’s (barndance) is also known as Chaff Pool Post, The Chaffpool Post, Gannon’s, James Cannon’s, James Gannon, James Gannon’s Clog, Jamesy Gannon’s, The Merry Priest, Shannon Waves, The Shannon Waves.

The Curlew Hills (barndance) is also known as Beilby’s, Bielbie’s, Curlew Hills Polka, The Curlew Hills Polka, The Curlew Hills Schottische, The Curlew Hills, Glenbeigh, The Glenbeigh, McDermott’s, McDermott’s Barn Dance, McDermott’s Favourite, Morrison’s, Morrison’s Barn Dance, Morrison’s Polka, The National Schottische.

Irish Traditional Fiddle Music by James Kelly, John Kelly, Michael Crehan, Michael Gavin

  1. The Curlew Hills
  2. James Cannon’s

Mike MacDougall's Tape For Father Hector by Mike MacDougall

  1. Dunphies
  2. James Gannon’s
  3. Without Name
  4. The Glenbeigh
  5. The Gerhard Heintzman Piano

The Dance Last Night by Howie MacDonald

  1. Glenbeigh
  2. James Gannon
  3. The Stage
  4. Music In The Glen
  5. Farrell O’Gara’s Favourite
  6. The Girl That Broke My Heart

The Sligo Champion (CD 1 of 2) by Michael Gorman

  1. The Chaffpool Post
  2. Gannon’s