Nine recordings of Neilly O’Boyle’s Highland

Also known as A Stor, A Stor A Grá, A Stór, A Stór, A Ghrá, Neillidh Boyle’s, Neillidh Boyle’s Highland Fling, Neilly Boyle’s, Neilly Boyle’s Highland Fling, Neilly O’Boyle’s.

This tune has been recorded together with Dulaman Na Binne Bui (lots of times), The Blackhaired Lass (a few times), Con Cassidy’s Highland (a few times), Neilly O’Boyle’s (a few times).

  1. A Treasury Of Irish Music 2 by Various Artists
  2. A Treasury Of Irish Song by Various Artists
  3. Altan by Frankie Kennedy and Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh
  4. Altan’s Finest by Altan
  5. Binn Blasta! by Various Artists
  6. Cairde by Various Artists
  7. Feadóga Stáin 2 by Mary Bergin
  8. Playing With Fire: The Celtic Fiddle Collection by Various Artists
  9. The Dublin Lasses by The Dublin Lasses