The Rizla reel

Also known as The Risla.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Rizla
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|: c2 cA B2 BA | Be ed BA AB | c2 cA B2 BA | GE DE GD EG |
AB (3cBA B3 A | Be ed BA AB | cA BG AG EG |1 ED EG A2 AB :|2 ED EG A4 ||
|: DE FA E2 AB | (3cBA BG AG EG | DE FA G2 D(E | E)D EA EA, A,2 |
DE FA E2 AB | (3cBA Bc ed B(c | c)A BG ED EG |1 (A4 A4) :|2 A6 AB ||
|: (c2 c)A (B2 B)A | GE DE GD EG | AB (3cBA (B2 B)A | Be ed BA AB |
(c2 c)A (B2 B)A | GE DE GD EG | AB (3cBA B2 BA |1 Bd ed BA AB :|2 Bd ed BA GA ||
|: E2 AE cE AE | E2 eE dE eE | E2 AB (3cBA ce | ag ed cA GA |
E2 AE cE AE | E2 eE dE AB | (c2 c)A (B2 B)A |1 Be ed BA GA :|2 Be ed BA A2 ||

Four comments

The Rizla

By Charlie McKerron, on the Session A9 - What Road? album. Best tune I heard last year without doubt, (possibly best album too)
It’s taken me ages to get the notes, and I’ve no doubt it’ll take me ages to learn it properly too - specially the fourth part. I guess that’s part of what makes you play some tunes over and over again.
Of course, the Amazing Slow Downer (as recommended on this very site) was instrumental in the sussing out process. Superb prog indeed!

Drizzt, you’re a star! I’ve wanted to learn this tune since I got the album, but had just never sat down to do the work…

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Nice, I learned this tune from Iain Fraser when he visited Shetland but forgot it *hangs head in shame*. Good to be playing it again.

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