Three recordings of
Tam Lin

Tam Lin (reel) is also known as An Glaschú, Glasgow’s, Howling Wind, The Tam Lin, Tam Lin’s, Tam Linn, Tam Linn’s, Tam Lyn, Tam Lyn’s, Tam Lynn’s, Tamalinn, Tamblin, The Tamlin, Tamlinn, Tamlins, Tamlyn, Tamlyn’s, Tamlynn’s, Tammlin, Tom Lyn’s.

Dinkey’s (reel) is also known as Dinkey Dorian’s, Dinkey Dorrian’s, Dinkie Dorian’s, Dinkie Dorrian’s, Dinkie’s, Dinkies, Dinky Dolan’s, Dinky Dorrian’s, Dinky’s.

Mirka by Mirka

  1. Tamlin
  2. Missing Time
  3. Dinky’s

The Moon and Seven Stars by The Elftones

  1. The Silver Spire
  2. Tam Lin
  3. Dinky’s

Up to no good by Fist and Chips

  1. Brendan Sheehan
  2. Tam Lin
  3. Dinky’s