Three recordings of
Tam Lin
Julia Delaney’s

Tam Lin (reel) is also known as An Glaschú, Glasgow’s, Howling Wind, The Tam Lin, Tam Lin’s, Tam Linn, Tam Linn’s, Tam Lyn, Tam Lyn’s, Tam Lynn’s, Tamalinn, Tamblin, The Tamlin, Tamlinn, Tamlins, Tamlyn, Tamlyn’s, Tamlynn’s, Tammlin, Tom Lyn’s.

Julia Delaney’s (reel) is also known as Glencar, Julia Delaney, Julia Delany’s, Julie Delaney’s, Julie Delany’s, La Sorcière, Le Reel Des Sorcières, Lonesome, Maude Millar’s Highland, Maude Millar’s Highland Fling, Reel De La Sorciere, Reel Des Sorcières.

Jigs and Reels by Knacker's Yard

  1. Tamlin’s
  2. Julia Delaney’s

Percolatin' by Coffee Zombies

  1. Julia Delaney’s
  2. Evil Diane
  3. Tam Lin

This Side Up by Tania Elizabeth

  1. Tam Lynn’s
  2. Julia Delaney