Three recordings of
Tam Lin
The Mason’s Apron

Tam Lin (reel) is also known as An Glaschú, Glasgow’s, Howling Wind, The Tam Lin, Tam Lin’s, Tam Linn, Tam Linn’s, Tam Lyn, Tam Lyn’s, Tam Lynn’s, Tamalinn, Tamblin, The Tamlin, Tamlinn, Tamlins, Tamlyn, Tamlyn’s, Tamlynn’s, Tammlin, Tom Lyn’s.

The Mason’s Apron (reel) is also known as Braes Of Glenorchy, Lady Carbury, Lowrie Tarrell, Mason Apron, Mason Laddie, The Mason’s Apprentice, Masons Apron.

Just Being Me by Samantha Robichaud

  1. Tam Lyn
  2. The Mason’s Apron
  3. Welcome To The Shetland Islands

Shatter The Calm by Dan Beimborn

  1. The Mason’s Apron
  2. Tam Lin
  3. The Banjo

Tripping Down The Stairs by Spiral Seisiún

  1. The Mason’s Apron
  2. Devil’s Dream
  3. Tamlin