Tovercirkel jig

Also known as Circassian Circle, The Circassian Circle.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tovercirkel
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:A2B cBA|GAB A2E|A2B cBA|d2d dcB|
A2B cBA|GAB AE^F|G^FG E2E|1 A2A A2E:|2 A3A3||
|:eae ded|c2B cBA|eae ded|c2B A3:|
|:cde cBA|cde cBA|cde cBA|G2B A3:|

Nine comments


This is the tune that they play in Belgium for the Grand Circassian Circle.Play it with a fair bit of jizz.

Er….what does “jizz” mean where you are? Around here, it usually gets used in, um, publications of a, er, private nature… 🙂

same here zina. i’ve just read this in school and my mates are all p*ssing themselves. my my, the opinions they must get of ITM……………


In Ireland and South Wales it means to put a bit of life into a tune.I’m not responsible for whatever it means where you are. Kevin Burke uses the word on his Homespun tutor tape.Yours Semantically,

Stateside, would make an eye-catching name for a band….

Posted .


It also means the characteristic impression given by an animal or plant to a birdwatcher or naturalist ,and it’s also an archiac word for a wig.Isn’t that interesting?

Yes, Nick, the mental picture I got was just…well, indescribable. LOL

indeed jocklet. that is interesting.


I really had no idea that the word had a different meaning over there in the colonies.