Over The Moor, Among The Heather reel

Also known as Aldavaloch, Aldivalloch, Aldivaloch, O’er The Moor Among The Heather, O’er The Moor And Among The Heather, O’er The Moor, Among The Heather, O’er The Muir Among The Heather, O’r The Moor Among The Heather.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Over The Moor, Among The Heather
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A,/D3/2 D3/2E/ D3/2E/ DA,|B,E E3/2F/ G3/2F/ ED|
FA A3/2B/ d3/2e/f3/2e/|d3/2B/ A/B/d/F/ E3/2F/ ED:|
A/d3/2 d3/2e/ d3/2e/ dA|B3/2e/ e3/2f/ g3/2f/ ed|
f3/2e/ dB A/g3/2f3/2e/|d3/2B/ A/B/d/F/ E3/2F/ ED:|
A,/B,/D/E/ D/A,/D/E/ F/A/E/F/ D/E/D/A,/|B,/D/E/F/ E/B,/E/F/ G/A/F/G/E3/2D/|
D/E/F/G/ A3/2B/ A/D/F/A/ d3/2e/|f/d/e/B/ d/A/B/F/ E/F/G/F/ ED:|
A/(3d/d/c/d/ f/(3d/d/c/d/ A/d/f/e/ dA|E/G/B/d/ e/d/e/f/ g/a/f/g/ ed|
f/d/e/f/ d/A/B/d/ F/A/E/F/ A/B/d/e/|f/d/e/B/ d/A/B/F/ E/F/G/F/ ED:|z8|

Seven comments

Actually an Air

I got this originally from the Canadian Tune Book - then found a few modifications and variations in a few early Scots Music Books. The second part is wonderful - in a baroque kind of way. Start off slow or you’ll run out of breath with this one.


Reset your ABC player or however you listen / learn to between 65 and 75 bpm. The midi player here is MUCH too fast. The second two parts are embellished and articulated versions of the first two sections. Go slow … it’s a delight to play and not as hard as it looks.

Re: Over The Moor, Among The Heather

Plays more like a slow strathspey/air than a reel.

Re: Over The Moor, Among The Heather

I have it more like:

T: O’er the Moor Amang the Heather
R: strathspey
M: C
L: 1/16
|:A,D3 D3E D3ED2A,2 |B,2E3 E3F {F}G3FE2D2 |(F2A2)A3B ~[d3F3]e {de}f3e |{e}d3B (ABd).F E3FE2D2 :|
|:Ad3 d3e {c}d3ed2A2|Be3 e2f2 {ef}g3fe2d2 |{d}f3e d2B2 Ag3 H~f3e |{e}d3B (ABd).F E3FE2HD2:|

I’ve taken out my bow marks because I don’t know if they are allowed here. The “snaps” (reversed hornpipe pairs - so a stressed short note followed by an unstressed longer note) can be slurred but should usually be played with a sharp down-bow and then an up-bow. In some places I have marked an “up-driven bow” on my music - a sharp, down-bow on the short first note of the snap and then the next three notes on the up-bow. I marked all this in from the beautiful way the tune is in my memory but the way I actually play it is a terrible mish-mash! Oh to be a good player!