Kitty Jones’ reel

Also known as Allt-y-Caethiwed, Brochan Lom, Cathy Jones, Cathy Jones’, Katy Jones, Katy Jones’, Kitty Jones, Kitty Jones’ Fling, The Orange & Blue Highland, Orange And Blue, The Orange And Blue, Wood-bine Cottage, Woodbine Cottage, The Woodbine Highland Fling.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kitty Jones'
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
BG~G2 DG~G2|BcdB G2Bd|ecdB cABG|AGFA G3A:|
Bd~d2 Bd~d2|BddB G2AB|ce~e2 ce~e2|ceec A3z|
Bd~d2 Bd~d2|BddB G2Bd|ecdB cABG|AGFA G3A:|

Seven comments

Kitty Jones’

This simple, lovely little reel is one of the favourite tunes of a local box player in Leeds. It’s nice to play a little bit slowly as the last tune of a set. You’ll hear another nice version of the tune played by Miko Russell in John William’s solo album.

Would that be Michael Tennyson, slainte?

No, Zina. Micheal is a quite fast player. I can’t imagine he play this tune. And note there are so many box players in this city. Maybe more boxs than fiddles.

Orange and Blue

The Scottish original is “Orange and Blue,” which is played in 6/8. Cape Breton fiddler Joe McLean’s posthumous Rounder CD has a nice version.

Irish singer, fiddler and accordionist Frank Quinn made a 78 rpm recording of this tune. It was a popular fling for two-hand dancing in New York dance halls in the old days.

- Highland Fling

Also played with skips and without repetitions as a 16 bar Highland / Fling / Highland Fling…

Kitty Jones (aka Brochan Lom)

I’ve usually seen (and heard) this as a strathspey - B<G G2 | D<G G2 | etc ?