Hare Island reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Hare Island
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
cAeA fAeA|c~e3cedB|G~B3d~B3|gBfB deed|
cAeA fAed|cdef g2fg|a~e3 c~e3|dBGB ~A3B:|
=c2ec gcec|e~g3 ge=ce|d~f3 a~f3|afge fedB|
=c2ec geed|cdef g2fg|a~e3 c~e3|dBGB ~A3B:|

Six comments

Hare Island is a small island in Galway Bay very near the city from which can be seen a splendid few of the bay. At low tide it can be reached by foot across a natural causeway. Only rabbits inhabit the island: hence its title.

Is this your own composition?

Looing for tunes to add before or after “ hare Island reel ” !

If someone can give me ideas to play this reel with !!!

Record with Hare Island

Hy Silvia!
I found a record with this tune, number 10. It’s named “Si l‘hiver peut prendre”, de Lawrence O’Hearn avec André Marchand. You can find it here…
See you hopefully soon

Re: Hare Island

Fañchig is right : this reel can be find on track 10 within a set “Hare Island / Brandy ’s / Buttermilk Lane”. These all three reels were composed by Lawrence O’Hearn himself (http://lawrenceohearn.com/).