Reel Du Pendu reel

Also known as Hanged Man’s, The Hanged Man’s, Hangman’s, The Hangman’s, Hangmans, Le Reel Du Pendu, Reel Du Bourreau, Reel Of The Hanged Man, The Reel Of The Hanged.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Reel Du Pendu
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:"G"DEGA B2B2|BcBA B2B2|DEGA B2B2|"D7"ABAF "G"G2G2:|
|:"D7"A/A/AA2 A/A/AA2|A/A/AB2 c2B2|A/A/AB2 c2B2|A2F2 "G"G4:|
|:"G"DB,CD "C"ECDE|"G"DCB,G, "D7"A,2A,2|"G"DB,CD "C"ECDE|"D7"DCB,A, "G"G,2G,2:|
|:z4 B2B2|BcBA Bz3|z4 B2B2|ABAF G z3:|
X: 2
T: Reel Du Pendu
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:[A,E][Ac][Ac][Bc] c2 (c2|c)[cd]c[Bc] [Ac][Bc]c[Ac]|[A,E][Ac][Ac]c [Bc][Ac][Bc]c|[cd]c[Bc][Ac] c[Ac][Ac][Bc]|c2 c3 [cd]c[Bc]|[Ac][Bc]c[Ac] [A,E]3 c|[Bc][Ac][GA][Bc] [Ac]2 [Ac]2:|
|:[A,E][Ac][Ac][Bc] c2 cc|[Bc][Ac][Bc][dc] c2 cc|[A,E][Ac][Ac][Bc] c2 cc|1 [Bc][Ac][GA][Bc] [Ac]2 [Ac]2:|2 [Bc][Ac][GA][Bc] A2 Ac|
|:(3edc [Ac][Ac] [A,E]4|(3edc c[Ac][Bc][dc] c2|(3edc [Ac][Ac][A,E]3 [Ac]|1 [Bc][Ac][Bc][dc] [A,E]4:|2 [Bc][Ac][Bc]c [A,E]2 Ac|
[Bc][Ac][Bc][dc] c2 [A,E]2|[A,EAc]2 (3edc c2 c2|[Bc][Ac][Bc]c A2 AA|[A,EAc]2 (3edc c2 c2|[Bc][Ac][Bc][dc] c2 [A,E]2|[Ac]2 [EA]2 [A,E]2 GA|BABc A2 AA|
CEEE DEEE|CEEE B,EEE|CEEE DEEE|EGBG [Ac]2 [Ac]2|[CE][EA][EA][EA] [DE][EA][EA][EA]|[CE][EA][EA][EA] [B,E][EA][EA][EA]|[CE][EA][EA][EA] [DE][EA][EA][EA]|EGBG [Ac]2 [Ac]2|
[CE][Ac][Ac][Ac] [DE][Ac][Ac][Ac]|[CE][Ac][Ac][Ac] [B,E][Ac][Ac][Ac]|[CE][Ac][Ac][Ac] [DE][Ac][Ac][Ac]|EGBG [Ac]2 [Ac]2|[CE][Ac][Ac][Ac] [DE][Ac][Ac][Ac]|[CE][Ac][Ac][Ac] [B,E][Ac][Ac][Ac]|[CE][Ac][Ac][Ac] [DE][Ac][Ac][Ac]|EGBG [Ac]2 [Ac]2||
X: 3
T: Reel Du Pendu
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:"d"ABde f2f2|fgfe f2f2|ABde f2f2|"A7"efec "d"d2d2:|
|:"A7"e/e/ee2 e/e/ee2|e/e/ef2 g2f2|e/e/ef2 g2f2|e2c2 "d"d4:|
|:"d"AFGA "G"BGAB|"d"AGFD "A7"E2E2|"d"AFGA "G"BGAB|"A7"AGFE "d"D2D2:|
|:z4 f2f2|fgfe fz3|z4 f2f2|efec d z3:|
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Twelve comments

translated as “reel of the hanged”, the legend behind this tune is quite interesting. If a man condemned to death by hanging could pick up a fiddle whilst he stood on the gallows and could play this tune from ear, he would be allowed to go free. Ornamentation is interesting to find for this reel. heard it when i was in donegal of all places.

Reel du pendu - reel du cordonnier

I’ve heard this as an arcadian tune. It works well with reel du cordonnier, whihc is the hang mans reel.

I seem to remember Aly Bain playing this as the opening music to a TV programme in the 1980’s; stunning!

The first time I saw the Boys of the Lough in person, Aly played this. He was in absolutely top form and when he finished, the entire audience instantly leapt to our feet and went berserk. It was a peak experience.

Reel du Pendu

You can listen to this tune played by the French-Canadian fiddler Jean Carignan on

There’s no video, unfortunately, but the music is accompanied by old stills of the player with explanatory text in French.
There’s also a more expanded and detailed dots version in scordatura tuning in the Fiddler’s Fakebook.

So is this a French tune or an Irish tune?

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French-Canadian, I always thought. Definitely not Irish.

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