Kye’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kye's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gdor
|: G,2 B,D GBdf | gfdf g2 ab | gfdg fdcA |
(3Bcd cA BGFD | GABG (3EFG AF | DGBd g3 a |
(3aba ba gbag |1 fdcA G3 G, :|2 fdcA Ggga ||
|: {a}gfdf g3 a | gfdg fdcB | AFcF dFcF | ABcB A~f3 |
gfdg fdcA | dcAF FG2 a | (3aba ba gbag |1fdcA Ggga :|2 fdcA G3 G, ||
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Kye’s Reel

This comes off the Kane Sisters’s cd, The Well Tempered Bow, easily one of my all-time favorite albums. This is the first tune on Track 9. The track listings on the liner notes are scrambled, so I’m not positive that this is indeed known as Kye’s Reel. I came to that through a process of elimination, and it might as easily be a Paddy Fahey tune. If anyone knows it by a different name, or who the composer is, let’s hear it.

At any rate, it’s a top notch reel on fiddle, a good bowing workout, and covering the full range from open G string to the b flat on the first string.

I’ll post the second reel in the set tomorrow.

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I love this tune, I love that CD, I love the Kanes’ playing…

It is Kye’s Reel. My copy of the CD and the liner notes seem to be fine. It’s track 10 on mine. Track 9 is a pair of well-known Fahey jigs. The liner notes say that Kye’s and The Lenawee were written by Liz in Grand Rapids, Michigan and named after Kye Dillon and the street where she lives.

In any case, it’s one of my favorite CDs, too. I just happened to be listening to it a couple of weeks ago when Liz called to see if we could work out a date for them to perform here in June! Still not sure if the scheduling issues can be resolved.