The Lenawee reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Lenawee
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
D~d3 dcAG | [A,3F3] E {G} EDCE | Dd{e}d^c dfeg | fage {a}f3 g |
{a}gf{a}fe fdcA | dfed cAGE | DddB cAGE | CDEC E{G/E/}DCE |
D3 d dcAG | [A,3F3] E {G} EDCE | Dd{e}d^c dfeg | fage {a}f3 g |
{a}gf{a}fe fdcA | dfed cAGE | DddB cAGE | CDEC EDCE
|: G,A,DE FEDC | ~_B,3 B, {C}B,A,G,B, | ~A,2 DC DEFE | Ddd^c defg |
{a}gf{a}fe fdcA | dfed cAGE | DddB cAGE | CDEC EDCE :|
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The Lenawee Reel

This is the second tune in the set with Kye’s Reel on The Well Tempered Bow, by Liz and Yvonne Kane. Again, because the track listing is so scrambled, it’s nigh impossible to tell for certain which names go with which tunes (just like your local session, eh? 🙂. This tune is on track 9.

On fiddle, I really like the low growly stuff on the G string, especially that B flat roll. With all the cut notes and rolls, this is a classic East Galway approach to ornamentation.

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I’v just downloaded this one.Seems very interesting. Just one question: What kind of Rolls is the sign in the ABC(transformed to dots) , that looks like an S lying horizontically above a note.
Dont tell me it’s a Rolls Royce but it might have something to do with a classic East Galway approach to ornamentation 😉

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It is The Lenawee, written by Liz Kane in Grand Rapids, Michigan, named for the street where Kye Dillon (of Kye’s Reel) lives. It’s track 10 on my copy of the CD and the track list seems fine, so you must have a different release (they must have re-pressed it and reprinted the liner notes at some point). The track listing here at The Session agree with what I have.

Absolutely class… love these girls.

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