Gorbachev’s Farewell To Lithuania reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Gorbachev's Farewell To Lithuania
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
_d||dD (3DDD FE DF|E2 _DE B,E DE|dD (3DDD FE DF|EG FE FD D_d|
dD (3DDD FE DF|E2 _DE B,E DE|_E2 cE dE cE|E2 _DE F=D D_d|
dD (3DDD cD BD|AD (3DDD ED _D=D|_E2 cE dE cE|E2 _DE F=D D_d|
|:df af _df af|cf af gf eg|f2 df _df cf|df af g2 fg|
af ge fd ed|_da =Ba da Aa|dA ^FA =B2 GB|1 A^c eg ^fd d^c:|2 A^c eg ^fd d2||

Five comments

Adventures in ABC

This is an Andy Cleveland tune (What!? Not traditional!? I never would have guessed!) Another fiddler brought it back from a trip to Ottawa and I’ve had a fun 6 months trying to learn it. I wanted to challenge my ABC skills so I posted the most complicated tune I know.

Gorbachev sings tractors…

When I saw the title I almost wet myself laughing! Cool tune, though…


I wrote this tune because Liz Carroll’s “Road to recovery” was proving elusive . At the time the Soviet Union was breaking up and so was my marriage 🙂 My abc skills are not good so it is a little different than I actually play it. Perhaps I’ll update it.

Wonderful tune

I really like this one! It certainly doesn’t really feel too irish, but it’s great nonetheless. We’ll see what the other guys think when I bust this one out at next session. Will probably be a good laugh!

Re: Gorbachev’s Farewell To Lithuania

I’d write those Db’s as C#’s for clarity…