Ann Maguire’s Silver Wedding waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ann Maguire's Silver Wedding
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(3ABc|: "D"d3 d BA|"G"{A}B4 BA|"D"A d3 D2|"D/f#"A4 G2|"D"F3 E D2|"Bm"D A3 AB|"G"G3 A (3FED|"A"E4 (3ABc|
"D"d3 f ed|"G"{A}B4 BA|"D/f#"A d3 D2|"G"A4 G2|"Bm"F3 E D2|"A"E A3 AB|"G"D3 F (3EDC|1"D"D4 (3ABc:|2D3 E FA||
"G"G3 A/G/ FG|"A" A3 A BA|"D"A f3 e2|"Bm"d3 d BA|"G" B3 c d2|"D"A D3 FA|"G"A3 G F2|"A"E4 EF|
"G"G3 F GB|"A"A3 A BA|"D"A ~f3 e2|"Bm"d3 d cB|"D"A d3 FA|"A7" G3 F EA|"G"D4 (3FED|"D"D4 FA|
"G"G3 A/G/ FG| "A"A3 A BA|"D"A f3 e2|"Bm"d3 d BA|"G" B3 c d2|"D"A D3 AB|"G"A3 G F2|"A"E4 ed|
"D"d f2 ed2|"G"B4 BA|"D/f#"A d3 D2|"G"A4 G2|"Bm" F3 ED2|"A"E A3AB|"G"D3F ~ED|"D"D6||

Three comments

This is a great album and I thought I would share the abc of this tune as I just had the pleasure of learning this tune off the album and thought I would post the abc’s. The ornamentation is very much up to you as I don’t feel I could do that justice in abc format. I just put the overall structure down and the chords included are my interpretation and may not be quite exact. On the album I think he uses different chords each time through but these work anyway.

Hey I don’t even use those chords anymore - what was I thinking!!

Great Walz!

McKusker did one great job composing this tune…