Four recordings of
The Flowers Of Edinburgh
Miss McLeod’s

The Flowers Of Edinburgh (reel) is also known as Blata Duin-Eudain, Da Flooers O’ Edinburgh, Da Floors A’ Edinburgh, The Floo’ers O’ Edinburgh, The Flooers O’ Edinburgh, Flouers O’ Edinburgh, The Flours Of Edinburgh, The Flower Of Edinburgh, The Flowers O’ Edinburgh, The Flowers Of Edinburgh Jig, Knuckle Down, My Love Was Once A Bonnie Lad, My Love’s Bonny When She Smiles On Me, To The Battle Men Of Erin, The Weobley Hankie Dance, The Weobley Hanky Dance.

Miss McLeod’s (reel) is also known as Did You Ever Meet The Devil, Uncle Joe?, Have You Ever Seen The Devil, Uncle Joe?, Hop High Ladies, Iníon Mhic Leóid, McCleod’s, McCloud’s, McLeod’s, Miss MacLeod, Miss McCleod, Miss McCleod’s, Miss McCloud, Miss McCloud’s, Miss McLeod, Miss McLeod’s, Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay, Mrs Mc Leod’s, Mrs Mcleod Of Raasay, Mrs McLeod’s, Mrs McLeods, Mrs. MacLeod’s, Mrs. Mc Cloud, Mrs. McCloud, Mrs. McCloud’s, Mrs. McClouds, Mrs. McLeod, Mrs. McLeod Of Rasay, Mrs. McLeod’s, Mrs. McLeods, Ms McCloud’s, Ms. McLeod’s, Uncle Joe’s.

Fiddle by Cape Breton Symphony

  1. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
  2. Mrs. MacLeod’s
  3. Fairy Dance
  4. The Mason’s Apron

Relative Minors by Qristina And Quinn Bachand

  1. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
  2. Miss McLeod’s
  3. The Beached Whale

The Lark In The Clear Air by Various Artists

  1. Miss McLeod
  2. The Flowers Of Edinburgh

Work Upon The Water by The Walsh Family

  1. Miss McLeod’s
  2. Flowers Of Edinburgh
  3. The Dashing White Sergeant