Three recordings of
The Humours Of Tulla

The Humours Of Tulla (reel) is also known as The Boys Of Tulla, The Humours Of Tullagh, The Humours Of Tullah, The Kilmaley, Kilmayley, Mrs Crehans, Sonny Martin, Sonny Martin’s, The Tulla, The Humors Of Tulla.

Live - Again by Silly Wizard

  1. The Musical Priest
  2. Jean’s
  3. Limerick Lasses
  4. Lexy MacAskill
  5. Saint Anne’s
  6. Toss The Feathers
  7. The Humours Of Tulla

Live Wizardry by Silly Wizard

  1. Toss The Feathers
  2. The Musical Priest
  3. Jean’s
  4. The Limerick Lasses
  5. Lexy McAskill
  6. Saint Anne’s
  7. The Humours Of Tulla

The Journey Home by Paul Anderson

  1. Norman & Alice Anderson Of Tarland
  2. Calliope House
  3. Stealing The Flags
  4. The Lark In The Morning
  5. The Humours Of Tulla
  6. Jean’s
  7. The Countess Cathleen