The Parting Of Friends waltz

Also known as The Parting Of The Companions, Scar, Scaradh Fuinidh Na gCompánach, Sgarúint Na gCompánach, Sgaruint Na Gcompanagh.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Parting Of Friends
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:B3d4e3f//e//d//e//f//g3 z g/f/ z f/e2 defg2 b2a/f2 e2ed/B/Be3
e2d3Be4 z eeB3d4f3g/f/e z e3||B3B2d/e3ed B/A/B f3 z e2dAE2E/F/G3
A/G/F/G/A/B^cd3 z cd z A/B2AF3 F//E//D//E z E//D//E//F z FE//DE//F//E//D z E3:|
# Added by MM .
X: 2
T: The Parting Of Friends
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
B2 d|e3f/e/ de/f/|g3g/ fzf/|e2f/e/ de/f/ g2a/b/|a/f3 e2f/e/dB/|
e2 e2 e2f/e/dB/|e2e B2d|f2g {fgfgfg}f2e2|e8||
B2 B|e4{a}ef/e/ dB/A/|Bf3 e2f/e/ d>A|BE4 E/F/|G4A//G//F//G//A//B//c//|
d4c/d/ BB/A/|F3 F//E//D// E3 F//E//D//|EF2 FE/D/E//F//E//D//E//F//D//|E8||

Seventeen comments

Slow air

this is about my third go at writing out a tune in abc-notation (used to the dots). I know it’s very hard to transscribe a slow-air, but I tried to come as close as possible to Matt M’s version as played on ‘Stoney Steps’.
I’m convinced these ars should only be learned or taught by ear (that’s also the way I got the tune in).


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“ars” should be “airs”

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You weren’t kidding. I listened to the midi with the volume turned up, and I think it scared my cat.

I listened to the midi, and it opened to me new musical horizons…

This really is a lovely air, but perhaps the midi detracts a bit from the loveliness?

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Midi-warnings in vain

well, josh, I have four cats arround.
or better still, had, till I finally tried to listen to the midi …
gone, all of them …
when I posted the tune, I didn’t listen to the midi myself, because, well, you did hear it, wright? when I do listen to ITM on midi, I put it true fiddle or shakuhashi.

gian marco, anything usefull came out of it?

paddy, “a bit” isn’t really the word I’d use, try “all” …

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Why blame MIDI?..

MM’s midi is allright (and very fine transcription indeed), no need carping at it, just open in some midi\abc editor and listen at the slowest speed you can stand…))

This posting is why Jeremy doesn’t like slow airs posted on this site. What’s the point?


But where does this tune come from ? Who is the composer ? Are Matt Molloy notes about this tune right (story of a presumed dead friend who was still alive) ? Is the master the first to play this air ? …..