One recording of
Mick Duggan’s
The Hills Of Glenorchy

Mick Duggan’s (slide) is also known as Lovat Scouts.

The Hills Of Glenorchy (jig) is also known as The Hills Of Glen Orchy, Hills Of Glenorchie, The Hills Of Glenurchie, The Hillside, Jockeys Lament, The Jolly Corkonian, Mrs. Martin’s Favourite, Over The Hills, The Robin’s Nest, There Came A Young Maiden, The Wild Hills O’ Wannie, The Wild Hills O’Wannie, The Wild Hills O’Wannies.

The One-Horned Cow by The Suffering Gaels

  1. The Galen
  2. The Hills Of Glenorchie
  3. Mick Duggan’s